long hikes in the Brembana Valley

over 15 km

Here are some ideas for long hikes (more than 15 km) that you can do in the Brembana Valley!

These routes roughly exceed 15 km round trip, and adequate physical preparation is required to tackle them. If you have never been to the mountains, we do not recommend that you start with these routes. They are still hikes that can be done safely even with the family. Always keep in mind that greater distance does not necessarily mean more difficulty. You must always take into consideration the elevation gain and the type of terrain you face. A rough terrain is more challenging to deal with than a well-maintained one.

These are walks that are considered a must by those who love mountains and nature walks. The effort required to reach these destinations is definitely rewarded by beautiful alpine landscapes with breathtaking views and unique sensations that remain in everyone’s mind and heart.

If you want to make your experience even more meaningful, we recommend an overnight stay in the lodge, an unforgettable experience!

Winter hike to the Calvi Refuge

Fall hike to the Laghi Gemelli Refuge from Carona


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