About us

The beginnings

Our story began in 2015, when we founded the OTER Association. We were 7 young people who had met at a class ahead of EXPO 2015. At the end of the course we had been offered the opportunity to organize some guided tours at the Casino of San Pellegrino Terme and at the Sanpellegrino bottling plant
And so the adventure began! 

In a short time we have begun to manage visits to the Dream Caves (Grotte del Sogno), to deal with the Infopoint of San Pellegrino Terme, the Serina tourist office and the one of Sedrina. We were also beginning to take over the management of the website of the district of commerce and tourist attractiveness Fontium et Mercatorum (which from 2021 have become the institutional website of VisitBrembo). 

In 2017 we were also offered the opportunity to manage the Harlequin House Museum (Museo Casa di Alrecchino) in San Giovanni Bianco, and that is when we decided to transform into a Cooperative Society. In the meantime, some young people drop out of the project and we remained four: Laura, Giulia, Marta and Erika. We quit the job in Serina and Sedrina to focus on promoting the area between San Giovanni Bianco and San Pellegrino Terme. Above the museum we took advantage of some unused rooms to open the Harlequin Holiday House.


The birth of the Cooperative

On February 22nd, 2018 we signed the papers and thus the Cooperative was born. The activities also continued with the help of a few collaborators, all willing students, until the 2020 pandemic marked a notable setback. At that moment we lost one member of the society, Erika, and we were just three. However, we found valuable support in a new girl who just at the end of 2019 had interned with us: Isabella, who is still an integral part of the team.

We took advantage of the lockdown to think about new horizons and launch into new activities: a more attractive website and storytelling on Instagram. If we could not reach tourists physically, we decided to do so virtually. These two activities gave impetus to the cooperative and put us back on the crest of enthusiasm.

In 2020, we seized the opportunity to organize some guided tours of the Grand Hotel restoration site, which will then continue in subsequent years after the construction site is completed.

Starting in 2021, we began running guided tours and workshops at the Brembano Museum of Natural Sciences in San Pellegrino Terme, which are held at the request of groups/schools or on special occasions.

In 2022 we also began to engage in the business of recording and publishing videos along the best trails in the Brembana Valley. In the dedicated section you can discover them all, you will find them divided into short, medium and long ones.

The love for the Brembana Valley and the desire to make tourists discover it, is the common thread that binds all our actions. With our activities, we hope to make you fall in love with this Valley, which is the most beautiful place in the world for us! 


Her love for the Brembana Valley burst out in her when, for study purposes, she has lived for 5 years in the Po Valley. At that moment she decided that, whatever the cost, her life would continue in Orobic soil. Finding work in the Brembana Valley is not easy, hence the decision to create it. 

Constancy and determination are her defining qualities.

She maintains relationships with agencies, manages the website, creates graphics for promotional materials, manages social media programming, makes videos and writes projects to increase the attractiveness of the Valley.

In addition, together with all the other team members, she gives guided tours in the places under the company’s management.


Always in the tourism field, first in her study and then in her work, she partecipated in the creation of the Cooperative with a dream: to be able to balance family and work.

Stubbornness and perseverance are her defining qualities.

She handles accounting and security, manages staff, work schedules, and takes care of organizing visitor groups.


Originally from the Brembana Valley but a citizen by necessity, she defies distance every day to make her contribution to the Valley’s tourism development.

Kindness and creativity are her hallmarks.

She is in charge of organizing events, social media programming, English translations, and she writes projects to increase the attractiveness of the Valley.


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