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Discover with us the casino of San Pellegrino Terme.

An Art Nouveau jewel of unparalleled beauty!

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am.

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The Casino of San Pellegrino Terme

The San Pellegrino Terme Casino, which opened on July 20th, 1907, is the work of Milanese architect Romolo Squadrelli and engineer Luigi Mazocchi. Built in only twenty months, it is considered one of the greatest expressions of the Art Nouveau style in architecture, known throughout Europe. The opulence and elegance of the structure can already be admired from the outside. The façade is at once graceful and rich in stuccoes, bas-reliefs, and glass and wrought-iron elements of extraordinary features. Each decoration is designed in detail to fit harmoniously with the other elements while communicating the spirit of the time.

Each decoration refers to the theme “Joie de Vivre” through the use of mythological elements juxtaposed with the theme of nature. Thus, one can admire fauns, sylenes, telamons, centaurs, nymphs and other mythological characters. Special attention is placed, not surprisingly, on the theme of water, to which San Pellegrino owes all its fortune. Imposing is the grand staircase leading to the upper floor, on which there is a magnificent view of friezes, high reliefs, stucco, chandeliers, frescoes, and stained glass windows. Everything is designed to leave even the most discerning guest speechless.

Used for about ten years as a gambling house and later for shows and entertainment of various kinds, it now houses the reception and buffet area of QC Terme and guided tours run by our company. During the guided tours, held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m., one can admire all the magnificence of the structure accompanied by an evocative art-historical re-enactment of the building and of cthe thermal town during the Belle époque period.

testimonies of the time

“is a cyclopean work of modern construction, which associates grandiosity with fine decorative taste.”

L'eco di bergamo of July 22nd, 1907

testimonies of the time

It is not possible to give the reader but a faint idea of all that is harmonious, exquisitely artistic, truly beautiful and imposing enclosed in this majestic edifice that honors the genius and daring of two Milanese men.”

Il secolo di Milano of July 23rd, 1907


testimonies of the time

“There is no building in Milan as stately and severe as the Kursaal.”

la perseveranza di milano of July 22nd, 1907


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