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Let's discover the Brembana Valley by e-bike!

Planning e-bike tours in the Brembana Valley is a new and fun way to explore the area and it is suitable for everyone. Thanks to pedal-assisted cycling, you can ride uphill climbs without too much effort even if you are not trained and reach unexpected places in a green way. You will be amazed at how many miles you can go without even realizing it!

If you do not have an e-bike you can rent one here:

– San Pellegrino Terme Infopoint: 034521020 or see here

– Pro Loco Piazza Brembana: 3337333807 or look here

Excursion from Piazza Brembana to Baresi

e bike Val Brembana

Hike from Piazza Brembana to Oneta via Cornello dei Tasso


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