proposals for educational trips and outings

The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new lands, but in having new eyes. 

Are you looking for ideas for school trips and educational outings in the Brembana Valley? discover our proposals!

After the forced stop due to the pandemic, schools are also ready to return to the classic field trips and educational outings that so entertain students and offer a chance for “on-the-job” training and a chance to socialize and learn about new realities. Why not choose the Brembana Valley as a destination?


The Brembana Valley has a very rich geological, historical, cultural, artistic and gastronomic heritage. We believe it is important to enhance it in all its facets, and we do this by trying to convey all the love we have for the area. We know that it is necessary to “know how to speak everyone’s language,” and this also applies to the different ages of our visitors. Therefore, we have designed a series of proposals for each age group that manage to stimulate curiosity, ignite interest and develop the skills of our youngest guests.

Below you will be able to find the points of interest that we manage, and by clicking on the “Learn More” button you will find various suggestions with an indication of the classes to which the various activities are recommended. You can combine multiple activities ranging from guided tours, workshops and performances.


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