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Warning. In case of severe bad weather (expected or ongoing) or other special weather events that prevent the event from being held safely, the Caves will remain closed. Please give the phone number correctly so that we can notify you of any changes. We do not take responsibility if you give incorrect phone numbers or if you do not answer the phone to our calls.  

Is a visit to the Dream Caves suitable for everyone?

The visit is suitable for people of all ages, from young children to the elderly. Children can be carried but not in a backpack. Inside the Caves, walkways and stairs have been built. It is necessary to be able to walk and take the stairs; there is no danger. In some places, taller people need to stoop slightly to pass. To reach the entrance, a short mule track is followed where there is a fence to lean against. Sometimes the ground feels slightly slippery. Unfortunately, it is not possible for people in wheelchairs to visit. No animals are allowed inside. 

How to reach the Dream Caves

Recommended clothing for visiting the Caves

Inside the Dream Caves, the temperature is a constant 12°C. When it rains in the hours before opening, it is possible for a few drops of water to fall inside. Recommended clothing is: 

 – Comfortable shoes such as  boots or sneakers that do not slip. Avoid shoes with heels; 

– Sweatshirt or waterproof jacket to shelter from raindrops; 

– Appropriate clothing at a temperature of 12°C. 

Each participant will be provided with a helmet and a TNT cap to put under the helmet, so as to ensurethe highest possible hygiene.  


admission €5.00

reduced (children up to 8 years old) €3.00

Did you know that the Dream Caves were the first caves enhanced touristically in Lombardy?

In 1931, Ermenegildo Zanchi, a well-known speleologist from San Pellegrino, called the grandfather of the abyss because of his immense passion, noticed a crevice in the ground and decided to rappel inside. He thus discovered the Caves, which he called the Dream Caves because it seemed to him that he had experienced a dream.

The Dream Caves can be visited approximately from April to October according to the schedule established each year.

You will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will tell you the story of the discovery of the Dream Caves and explain how a cave is formed.

The visit is suitable for everyone and takes about 30 minutes.


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