Brembano Museum

of natural sciences

There is always an open book for all eyes: nature (Jean Jacques Rousseau)

Come discover the geological history and nature of the Brembana Valley at the Museo Brembano di Scienze naturali (Brembano Museum of Natural Science).

Its final location in the specially equipped rooms in Villa Speranza was in 1996, but the birth of the Brembano Museum of Natural Science dates back to 1978 when, following an earlier discovery in Endenna (Zogno) and the subsequent recovery of a considerable number of paleontological finds, the first museum nucleus was established, to which the entomological section was later added.

In recent years, the endowment of fossil finds has reached such a level of competence and specialization that it represents a fundamental point of reference in the complex of interests of the sector, not only with respect to the valley environment, but also in the more general context, so much so that in 2007 the Brembano Museum of Natural Sciences became part of the MUSEUM SYSTEM “TRIASSICO.IT” which includes other museum realities of our province such as: Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali “E.Caffi,” Paleontological Park of Cene and the Val Brunone Natural Monument.

Please note: guided tours are by reservation only. The visit is confirmed with a minimum of 8 registrants.

The museum is also accessible to the public free of charge on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to noon independently (without a guided tour), thanks to the valuable cooperation of some volunteers.

Please note that these openings are not managed by OTER.


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