short excursions in
Val Brembana

up to 7 km

Here are some short hikes you can do in the Brembana Valley with the whole family!

The short hikes in Val Brembana that we propose are all routes that do not exceed 7 km round trip but do not fail to immerse you in a breathtaking natural setting that will allow you to unplug from your daily routine. All trails are also recommended for those who want to spend only half a day in the mountains and devote the rest of the day to other activities. We recommend that you read the table well with useful information so that you have a complete overview of the route. If you are a novice take into consideration especially the altitude difference. A short hike does not necessarily mean it is an easy walk. The greater the elevation difference, the more physical effort required. The best way to enjoy the mountain, not to be knocked down by fatigue and give up is to know how to choose the route best suited to your physical condition.

Excursion to the Balicco Refuge

Excursion to the Gherardi Refuge

verso il rifugio Gherardi

Hiking the Via Mercatorum

Excursion to the small lakes of Ponteranica

lago alpino circondato dalle montagne


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